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Businesses make the choice of IC-Agency's unmatched SEO services, a decision that improves client results, boosts top page visibility, and grows a strongly positive ROI.

If you're a business looking for the best way to be seen online, our SEO services are the key to success. With simple and effective strategies, we make sure your business stands out on the first page of search results, giving you the edge you need.

Get Better Results with IC-Agency,

a Trusted SEO Business since 2000

Get Better Results

with IC-Agency,

a Trusted SEO Business

since 2000

SEO & Marketing Expertise

Backed by an entirely Canada-based team of SEO experts, we exclusively deploy the latest and substantiated tactics to yield prime outcomes for your clients' SEO endeavors.

Our avant-garde methodology, coupled with our vast agency-centric expertise, empowers you with a definitive edge in dispensing superlative SEO achievements for your clientele.

Results-Driven Strategy

Numerous SEO agencies narrow their focus solely on long-tail or easily attainable keywords, presenting skewed campaign success by sidestepping metrics with tangible business impact.

In stark contrast, our blueprint centers on conquering high-stakes keywords, channeling substantial traffic primed for conversion, and fostering tangible phone interactions that pivot the ROI spectrum for your clientele.

Increase Organic Search Engine Rankings in Google

Google's natural search engine rankings manifest just beneath the initial slew of paid advertisements and in direct adjacency to Maps listings across a plethora of queries.

Our SEO methodology guarantees our clients' ascendancy to the premier echelon of Google's organic search outcomes, while simultaneously fortifying their Maps rankings.

Increase Google Maps & Google Business Profile (GBP) Rankings in Google

In the realm of local SEO, the pivotal goal lies in securing your clients' eminence within the Maps section—a domain situated above organic standings yet below the uppermost ad positions.

Maps and GBP (Google Business Profile) rankings stand as linchpins for any local enterprise endeavoring to command local search prominence.

Our blueprint encompasses a robust and verified strategy, characterized by its assertive disposition, designed to significantly propel progress for our clients' local SEO campaigns.

Increase Website Traffic

Elevated website traffic surges are a direct consequence of pinpointing keywords that wield substantial search volume.

At the heart of our every campaign lies a foundational strategy: the meticulous selection of short-tail and fiercely contested keywords, boasting significant monthly search traction.

These keywords serve as the linchpin for catalyzing consequential outcomes for our clients, setting the stage for the most substantial impact.

Increase Brand Visibility

Through the orchestration of an all-encompassing cross-channel initiative, spotlighting organic pursuits, Maps/GBP prominence, and high-stakes keywords, a perceptible surge in brand visibility materializes, accompanied by a notable expansion in market foothold.

This paradigm holds particular significance for any enterprise endeavoring to amplify their digital imprint on Google or within the broader online landscape.

Increase Click-through Rates (CTR)

Clickthrough rate (CTR) stands as a pivotal yardstick within Google's assessment framework, often juxtaposed with bounce rate to discern the frequency of visitors returning post interacting with specific results.

This interplay invariably unveils whether a website satisfactorily delivers the requisite outcome or solution for the respective searcher.

A natural augmentation of click-through rates can be effectuated by crafting tailored title tags that harmoniously correspond to diligently identified keywords following exhaustive keyword exploration.

Through seamless alignment of content and optimizations, the potential for elevated CTR rates is inherent, thus fortifying the overall performance spectrum.

Increase Conversions

Frequently, integral facets of SEO campaigns such as tracking conversions and their accurate attribution tend to be relegated to the background.

This critical endeavor finds realization through diverse means, including the proficient utilization of Google Tag Manager and tracking scripts.

This accurately captures major elements such as form submissions and phone calls, all while meticulously delineating them from paid avenues and other such marketing conduits.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Managing bounce rate is of paramount importance, especially in light of the inverse relationship between website speeds and the integration of interactive content.

The common trend of a growing number of visitors departing after a short visit from websites before their content even initializes underscores the urgency of this concern. Such a scenario translates into substantial inefficiency and a profound squandering of potential.

Through meticulous enhancements in website speed and overall performance, the propensity to encounter high bounce rates is mitigated, concurrently fostering an environment conducive to heightened conversion rates.

Increase Online Sales

SEO campaigns transcends mere keyword rankings and Google-sourced website traffic. The quintessence of efficacy lies in a campaign's capacity to catalyze augmented online sales or lead generation.

A campaign's effectiveness is intrinsically tied to its propensity for instigating tangible outcomes in these domains. It's our fervent counsel to embrace a comprehensive approach, encompassing meticulous tracking across all facets of an SEO campaign.

This overarching strategy enables a discerning evaluation of ROI and the multi-faceted influence spanning both online and offline sales arenas.

Happier Clients

The most important of all metrics within an SEO campaign is the contentment of clients who derive unequivocal value, ROI, and tangible results.

The cultivation of satisfied clients constitutes the quintessential cornerstone for triumph, encompassing the pivotal reduction of churn rates and the enhancement of lifetime value (LTV) for our clientele.

Our commitment goes towards fostering this sort of gratification, by facilitating an augmentation in LTV and a concurrent abatement through our results-driven and substantiated SEO solutions.

Why Businesses Choose IC-Agency

IC-Agency emerges as the preferred SEO partner for businesses of all sizes. This recognition is supported by two main pillars: our steadfastly Canada-based workforce, and our extensive history in aiding business growth and achieving significant results.

If you are in search for an SEO provider, allow us to offer a brief insight. We have many reasons that uniquely place us as the sought-after choice for flourishing businesses, and we're eager to share them with you.

Effective SEO Campaigns

Rest assured, our conviction is backed by real-world success with renowned clients like Nespresso, UBP (Union Bancaire Privée), and Dior. Our SEO services have driven impressive results for these well-known brands, showcasing the effectiveness of our approach.

With a detailed understanding of various industries and a tailored strategy for each client, IC-Agency has become the preferred choice for businesses seeking substantial growth and prominence in online search rankings.

Our work with Nespresso, UBP, and Dior epitomizes the potency of our SEO services.

100% Canada-Based Team

Employing an exclusively Canada-based workforce stands as a cornerstone of our triumphant approach.

This roster allows seamless collaboration with your team and business within standard business hours, facilitating prompt responses and an all-encompassing grasp of campaign intricacies for utmost efficacy.

Our tracking of daily SEO trends pairs with the implementation of our pioneering strategies, ensuring that our SEO services are consistently made as to propel progress, without being mired in inconsequential tasks or unproductive pursuits.

This includes on-page enhancements; precision-tuned title tags; meta descriptions; exhaustive keyword exploration; strategic internal linking; refined GBP optimizations; adept link cultivation; strategic content marketing; meticulous schema integrations; and an array of other facets.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of your SEO needs is handled with professionalism and precision, making IC-Agency the right choice for your business.

Real-Time Communication

Our integration approach employs Slack as the conduit, affording our team the resonance of an in-house associate, seamlessly accessible for direct tagging during business hours.

This imparts a real-time, near-instantaneous responsiveness in communication—a facet seldom encountered with conventional SEO providers. Should the need arise for a call or a comprehensive meeting, a mere request within Slack is all it takes.

Our team promptly identifies a suitable slot to delve into matters exhaustively. In every sense, we stand resolutely by your side, encompassing every facet of support you require.

24/7 Reporting Dashboards

Reporting is something that separates us from our competitors. Running a local SEO campaign? We track organic keyword rankings, geogrid (heatmap) rankings, traffic, Google Business Profile Insights data, phone calls, form submissions, overall visibility, and many more metrics.

We also provide a custom portal login that’ll allow you and members of your team to login to our system and view projects, clients, reporting, billing, files, and much more; a true custom system designed to provide optimal data for your team with only a few clicks.

We also provide a reporting dashboard that includes all aspects of SEO reporting on one web-based URL that you can bookmark. This is in conjunction with Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and all of the various PDF and other spreadsheet reports our team uses on a monthly basis to get your results.

How Our SEO Process Works

Here is how IC-Agency structures their SEO services. We have more in-depth materials available but these are some of the key components of our success for your SEO campaigns.

1. Onboarding

Within your dedicated portal, meticulously designed intake forms await your input, streamlining the process seamlessly.

Upon submission, our adept team promptly springs into action, commencing the development of a new SEO campaign tailored to our client's needs.

This seamless and efficient onboarding solution stands as an unparalleled swiftness and convenience within the industry.

2. SEO Campaign Planning

Throughout the onboarding journey, you'll have the opportunity to furnish us with unique insights or pertinent notes pertaining to your SEO campaign.

This input is invaluable in honing our keyword research to precision, aligning it seamlessly with your objectives.

We tailor our keyword research and campaign strategies to harmonize with your requirements, crafting an approach that distinctly caters to your aspirations.

3. SEO Audit - Content Gaps

Prior to embarking on page optimization, our cadre of seasoned SEO specialists undertakes an exhaustive and meticulously tailored content gap analysis.

This comprehensive evaluation discerns whether your website necessitates supplementary content or additional pages to ascend to optimal rankings. It's noteworthy that the status of websites varies; while some exhibit sound content, others require substantial augmentations.

Our assessment during the onboarding phase ensures complete transparency, sparing our clients from any unforeseen developments as the journey unfolds.

4. SEO Audit - Backlinks

Before diving into on-page enhancements, our team of seasoned SEO experts conducts a thorough and bespoke backlink audit.

This in-depth review determines if your website needs more authoritative links or diversified anchor texts to climb to the pinnacle of search results.

It's crucial to understand that the backlink profiles of websites differ; while some boast robust link portfolios, others might need significant fortification.

By meticulously assessing your site's backlink landscape, we tailor our strategies to its unique needs. This ensures that every action we take is informed, targeted, and designed for maximum impact.

5. SEO Audit - Site Performance

Core Web Vitals stand as a pivotal metric, often recognized as a benchmark for site speed and overall performance. As part of our comprehensive SEO audit process, we diligently examine your client's website, evaluating the requisite enhancements to enhance website performance, thereby elevating Core Web Vitals scores.

This concerted effort culminates in improved loading times, a pivotal factor contributing to augmented rankings and conversions.

With our roster inclusive of adept SEO developers, we possess the expertise to optimize these metrics adeptly, culminating in accelerated website speeds aligned seamlessly with Google's user experience guidelines.

6. Keyword Research

Undoubtedly, the linchpin of any triumphant SEO campaign is meticulous keyword research. This paramount principle underpins our methodical approach, commencing with comprehensive SEO audits at the campaign's outset and garnering intricate campaign planning insights from your team concerning your client's distinct requisites.

This serves as the cornerstone for tailoring the keyword research to precisely match the campaign's trajectory. This holistic process profoundly shapes our direction and methodology for on-page optimizations, title tags, meta descriptions, H1 and H2 tags, schema integrations, internal linking, content generation, link building, GBP optimizations, and all other facets of the endeavor.

In harmony with this ethos, our focus extends towards targeting competitive keywords that garner substantive search volume—imparting an unwavering commitment to genuine results, steering clear of artificial, long-tail keyword rankings that hold minimal potential for driving actual sales or revenue for our clients.

Moreover, our investigation extends to keyword topics and clusters, aligned cohesively with a tailored SEO strategy that endeavors to propel progress and elevate our clients' rankings on Google's expanse.

7. Content Writing & Creation

Following our thorough SEO audit and detailed keyword research, we chart a precise path for content creation. This blueprint identifies content requirements, highlights areas needing additional content, and pinpoints pages to be added.

Our dedicated team of in-house Canadian writers is extensively trained to produce user-centric content, not just search engine-focused material. We adhere to Google's E-A-T guidelines, crafting top-quality custom content. Our focus on quality guarantees compliance with rules and avoids risky practices like AI-generated content that might jeopardize our clients' campaigns.

Furthermore, our SEO content team tailors content to your target audience's search intent and readability preferences. Our commitment is to provide valuable and readable content, free from any subpar material.

8. On-page Optimization

Once the fresh content is integrated or refined, our SEO specialists kick into action to optimize crucial facets of our client's SEO campaign.

This encompasses a comprehensive spectrum, featuring tailor-written title tags, meta descriptions, H1 and H2 tags, strategic internal linking, as well as meticulously crafted schema code incorporating accurate node referencing—an aspect that often sets us apart from other agencies.

We go beyond the norm to ensure our client's website is optimized in its entirety. Our SEO team is diligent and thorough, leaving no aspect unattended.

Our mission is crystal clear: to drive the most favorable results that augment value and curtail churn, aligning seamlessly with your agency's goals.

9. Off-page Optimization

Off-page optimization is a multifaceted domain encompassing link building, the cultivation of ranking signals, and enhancements to external factors that contribute to the elevation of our clients' Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Rating (DR).

These metrics serve as evaluative yardsticks, gauging the authoritative status of a domain or website within Google's framework.

Spanning a scale of 0 to 100, they reflect the range from fledgling websites with negligible authority to colossal entities such as Google, YouTube, and other major platforms, synonymous with vast backlink networks.

Our suite of SEO services extends to off-page optimization, catering to our clients' needs in terms of authority elevation and other pivotal search engine ranking elements.

10. Linking Building

Within our array of SEO company services, link building takes center stage as a vital component for propelling advancements in our clients' Domain Authority and Domain Rating.

Our approach centers exclusively on white-hat methodologies, steering clear of any semblance of impropriety and adhering strictly to Google's prescribed guidelines.

Our link building offerings encompass an array of options, spanning content syndication, citations, guest post links, and a repertoire of additional avenues.

Our link-building strategies include content syndication, citations, guest posts, and more, all while focusing on off-page optimization to meet our clients' ranking and authority enhancement needs.

11. Signal Generation

In our SEO campaigns, we transcend the scope of mere link building. We employ a proprietary technique designed to instigate ranking signals for our clients' foremost target keywords.

This multifaceted approach encompasses the creation of tailored content, strategic syndication, a blend of high-caliber backlinks, and the strategic utilization of assorted Google API services.

This concerted effort culminates in a steady influx of ranking signals on a monthly basis, bolstering both local SEO strategy for Google Business Profile (GBP) optimizations and rankings, as well as yielding advantageous outcomes for organic keyword rankings.

12. Results & Performance Monitoring

The measurement of our clients' SEO campaign triumphs holds paramount importance, and we employ a diverse array of techniques to meticulously track success and performance through our SEO management service.

Our methodology encompasses a spectrum of standard tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Business Profile Insights, organic keyword rankings, geogrid (heatmap) keyword rankings, local keyword rankings (Google mobile), Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, Screaming Frog, Google Tag Manager, and comprehensive conversion tracking of both forms and phone calls.

These tools collectively contribute to gauging genuine ROI and ensuring precise attribution.

Our custom portal, an intrinsic part of our offering, consolidates reports, files, tasks, activity logs, and more in one cohesive space, fostering efficient management.

Furthermore, a distinctive facet is the SEO report—a web-based document adorned with your business's logo.

This report encompasses a wide array of SEO campaign metrics, and our clients can conveniently bookmark it to access a wealth of insights.

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